Software developed by Lindab

Lindab has been developing several types of software to facilitate the selection and design of products and systems. Such programs promote the work of designers, contractors and customers from the selection to the preparation of the complete documentation.

In this menu the installation files of the programs can be downloaded and installed on your computer. After installation, at the initial start a registration window will be displayed on the screen at the bottom of which we ask you for sending the program identification No. to the e-mail address Thereafter we will send you the start-up code for running the system.

WARNING! In case of Windows 7 operating system for proper operation programs must run in XP-compatibility mode.

For programs containing prices the price files will be updated according to the price list effective from time to time and you are requested to copy the same in the directory of the installed software. The actual price files may be requested at e-mail address The user shall be responsible for checking the used price file for validity!


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Lindab Heat- and vapour technic calculator

The thermotechnical parameters can be uniquely defined for the Lidab lightweight wall structures presented in the examples with the help of the thermo- and vapour technical calculator software.

  • resultive thermal conductivity value (U-value, W/m2K)
  • total width (m)
  • specific weight (kg/m2)
  • informative material price (net HUF/m2)
  • draws the curve of vapour-pressure and thus the risk of vapour condensation can be eliminatied through planning

user manual (pdf)



If you want to cover the roof of a traditional family house or a complicated old style building with roof covering materials produced by Lindab, by application of this program, through combination of several simple, standard roof surfaces Lindab’s colleauges will be able to compile in a short time even the most complicated roof surface and the program will build up the selected covering material immediately and paint it to the selected colour. Thereafter, the program will calculate the material list of roof covering required for the roof surface and the defined accessory products (screws, fleshing items, sealing profiles, etc.) automatically, and finally the program will prepare a price quotation.

Please send your designings to: e-mail address.


user manual (pdf1) (pdf2)



We inform you that from 01.01.2016. the Dimroof was replaced by LindabStructuralDesigner static design software. Registration and download LindabStructuralDesigner:

If you are interested in design of secondary load-bearing and cladding elements of hall structures or in static design of lightweight buildings you will inevitably need for your daily work Lindab Lindab DimRoof® software, a purlin and trapezoid sheet design program developed by Lindab as a unique program in its category.

By using this program, you will be able to calculate within some minutes the complete purlin system of a whole roof structure including selection of profiles of proper size and thickness, and the program will give the optimal and most cost effective solution for any extra loading (e.g. snow pocket loads).

The most important features of DimRoof program:

  • Broad range of products (roofing and wall cladding sheets, high profiles, Z- and C-beams, hat profile)
  • Graphical display of cross-sections
  • Several types of static systems of beams (single or multi-span, continuous, overlapped or sleeved)
  • Several types of loads ( uniformly distributed, linearly distributed or concentrated force and axial force)
  • Design according to Eurocode and Swedish standards

user manual (pdf1) (pdf2)



In development

One of the most recent developments of Lindab is the lightweight truss girder made of galvanized light-gauge steel C profiles which is perfectly suitable for implementation of roof structures of small and middle sized industrial buildings. (A cost effective range of dimensions include a span of approximately 10 to 24 meters and support spacing of 3-6 metres). The shape and exact geometry of the Lindab truss girder may be absolutely individually designed subject to the relevant built-in manufacturing and construction limits. Lindab developed the individual static design procedure in cooperation with Budapest University of Technology and Economics within a joint R+D project, according to specifications of Eurocode standards and verified by a series of laboratory tests made with 1:1 full-scaled specimens.

As the most recently developed objective oriented software of Lindab, DimTruss program ensures the fast practical implementation of the quite complicated and combined designing procedures facilitating an easy identification of the optimal solution taking into account the specific conditions of design (geometrical dimensions, loads). By application of DimTruss program the static design can be realized in an extremely simple and quick manner.

Structure and operation of DimTruss static program:

  • Identification of global geometry
  • Identification of profile sections of the truss members, and the connections with certain numbers of bolts
  • Automatic generation of the static scheme with eccentrically connected, moment-resistant non-standard joints
  • Input of loads, load groups and load combinations
  • The calculation of displacements and internal forces is made by first order finite element calculation on 2D bar model
  • Check of thin walled sections for ultimate limit state (ULS) according to Eurocode standard (for every member, for every failure modes)
  • Documentation part (output) for one truss: summary of static calculations (TXT), construction drawing (DXF), drawing of static scheme (JPG), material list of profiles (XLS)

By using this software the partners of Lindab may obtain the optimal solution of load-bearing structure within an extremely short time; designer’s trainings are organized for detailed demonstration of the static program including the practical application.


download program (zip)

download program for Windows 7 (zip)


Lindab SBSSoft

If you intend to buy or build SBS complete lightweight structure building, in the design phase of the building you will surely need Lindab SBSSoft, developed by Lindab just for the SBS system, and being unique in its category. (For more detailed technical content of SBS system see the main menu “Products and Systems” in the Portal.)

By application of this program you will not need more than some minutes to design the SBS building being to your taste. The program will provide you a 3D picture of the building with dynamic suggestion of colours and shape, with possible choice of openings (windows, doors), which you can view from any aspects.

SBSSoft possibilities and results:

  • Input of building dimensions, determination of openings (gates, doors, windows) according to the rules of the system
  • Possibility of using several types of covering systems (insulated or uninsulated, trapezoid sheet or tile effect roof sheet covering)
  • Preparation of 3D panorama view
  • Generation in DXF file format of architectural plans with the purpose to use for building permissions (plan view, sections, façades)
  • Static verification documentation of load-bearing structure at a Hungarian location, reaction forces to provide input data for design of foundation
  • Constructional details of the building
  • Informative material price offer for the SBS building (important: for official price quotation please always contact Lindab!)